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A message from the Visionary behind the National Women Veterans Leadership and Diversity Conference

For years I attended women leadership conferences and empowerment events and always felt a little out of place and left feeling disconnected. Although I could relate to the women attendees at these gatherings, they could not relate to me. And no matter how great the speakers and content, none of it fulfilled my inner core needs.

Now, on the other hand, most of the events I attended for women veterans were ceremonies to celebrate my service and only lasted for an hour or two. There was no time for networking or any opportunities for empowerment and education, so once again, I found myself unfulfilled and wanting more.

Instead of remaining unfulfilled, I created The National Women Veterans Leadership and Diversity (NWVLDC). The NWVLDC is uniquely designed to address my needs as a woman based upon the service and sacrifice, I rendered to my country. Salute!

Going on our seventh year and second year VIRTUAL due to COVID-19, the NWVLDC is still the fastest-growing conference for women veterans in the country!

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Women Veterans Interactive

The VIRTUAL Experience

The 2021 Women Veterans VIRTUAL Leadership and Diversity Conference aims to change the “History-Only” focused narrative and will focus on “The State of Women Veterans,” which is the theme for this year’s event!

The National Women Veterans Leadership and Diversity Conference is one of the largest gatherings of women veterans in the country and is the ONLY VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE OF ITS KIND! This fantastic event is designed to Connect, Engage, and Empower the women who have served and sacrificed for our great nation.

For the 2021 National Women Veterans Virtual Leadership & Diversity Conference

Every year women veteran attendees from across the United States are inspired, empowered, and educated through outstanding keynotes, professional leadership panels, and interactive workshops. The networking opportunities at the NWVLDC are endless, and the connections made are priceless.

Attendees walk away from the National Women Veterans Leadership and Diversity Conference more educated and equipped to rise to the occasion of post-military living. OUR VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE WILL BE NO LESS!


  • Benefits
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Employment
  • Negotiations
  • Homelessness
  • Disability Claims
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Wellness
  • Professional Development
  • Military Transition Assistance
  • Mentoring


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