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NOVEMBER 7-10, 2024




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Created for Women Veterans, by a Woman Veteran

For years, I attended Women Veterans events and always felt a little out of place. Although I could relate to the women at these gatherings, they could not relate to me. And no matter how great the speakers and content were, none of it fulfilled my inner core needs.

Now, most of the events I attended for women veterans were ceremonies to celebrate my service. They lasted only an hour or two. There were no opportunities for networking, empowerment, or education. Once again, I found myself unfulfilled and wanting more.

I started hearing from Women Veterans just like you. You shared your stories and experiences with me, and I learned that I wasn’t the only one who was searching for a sense of belonging.

So I did what I do best: I built something new. The National Women Veterans Leadership and Diversity Conference (NWVLDC) is uniquely designed to address your needs. As a woman. As a Veteran.  

Since its inception over a decade ago, the NWVLDC has been held annually on Veterans Day weekend. It has served thousands of Women Veterans, gathering them together for a weekend of empowerment, professional growth, and access to resources that truly serve the modern Woman Veteran.

I personally invite you to experience the power of this conference and access the community and connection you deserve! Mark your calendar for the 2024 NWVLDC! It’s going to be the best one yet!


Women Veterans Interactive Foundation

What is the National Women Veterans Leadership & Diversity Conference?

When you transition out of the military, you enter the civilian community with skills sharpened by years of experience and high-stress operations. You’re an amazing group of leaders, organizers, and misson-oriented do-ers. 

But I’m guessing that, like me, you’ve sensed a shift in your identity after you hung up your uniform. Maybe you struggle to define yourself, or maybe you miss the certainty of the uniformed career. Or, maybe you feel like your career of service is invisible to the public.

But you also know this: you have a combination of expertise and work ethic that, quite frankly few can match. You know that you can walk into a workplace and get things done – excellently. And you know that any employer would be grateful to have you. 

That’s where the NWVLDC comes in.

The NWVLDC is YOUR source for career networking, personal and professional empowerment, and social strength from a community who understands you. 

Created by the Women Veterans Interactive Foundation, the NWVLDC is hosted every year on Veterans Day weekend, and provides real opportunities to:

Connect with other Women Veterans

Engage in Interactive Workshops

Launch and Advance Careers

Network with Industry Leaders

Gain Access to Earned Benefits

Get Empowered to Get After It!

During the conference, you’ll see old friends reconnecting and new friends meeting. You’ll hear fellow Women Veterans comment on a safe and unifying spirit of sisterhood. You’ll learn from leaders and experts about the best ways to navigate post-military life and build a successful civilian career. And we promise, you’ll leave feeling FULFILLED!

Who can attend and what can I expect?

In short, the National Women Veterans Leadership and Diversity Conference is for YOU, Women Veterans. Gathering on Veterans Day weekend, we take the opportunity to give you the recognition, honor, empowerment, and opportunity that you deserve.

Think of the potential when you gather with women and community stakeholders, including:

Together, you will have the opportunity to meet, learn, network, and grow.

Why Should I Attend?

The reason you should attend is pretty simple: 

We are your sisterhood.

Women Veterans have extensive experience, a wealth of knowledge, finely tuned skills, and a background that’s unlike any other subset of American Women. Because of that, you need connections to help advance new careers and a strong community to help you adjust to the newness of civilian life.

Women Veterans who’ve attended a NWVLDC have told us that being around the WVIF community of Women Veterans “feels like coming home.” You should attend because you’ll experience:

Workshops, speakers, and panel discussions will focus on topics such as:

Plus, socials and special events will give you a well deserved reprieve – a chance to talk, share, laugh, and relate to other women who understand your story. It’s truly the best way to spend Veterans Day weekend!

Location Information

The conference will take place at a beautiful, charming location. Located just outside Washington D.C., the Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park offer comfortable accommodations and superior conference amenities. When you register, you will be eligible to receive a discounted room rate. The booking link will be sent via email, following your registration.

Falls Church Marriott Fairview Park

3111 Fairview Park Dr, Falls Church, VA 22042

How Can I Register?

The 2024 NWVLDC will be held on Veterans Day weekend, November 7-10, 2024. Registration is coming soon! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and also follow #NWVLDC24 on social to make sure you don’t miss any announcements!


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